Single Mom-Super Mom

I was 11 when my father died. He passed on the last day of September 1965. From that day on, … More

Seventh-Grade Karma

I knew Better But Did Nothing I have been having a tough time deciding what to write about lately. With … More

God is Big Enough

God is Big Enough I entered Catholic school in September of 1959. Ike was President, and Camelot was more than … More

Wear a Mask

The American people are arguing about something new. You would think there was enough already. The issue this time; facemasks. … More

LeBar: Early 1960’s

Father LeBar was a strange man. He never seemed comfortable, uptight. Never laughed, I can’t remember him ever even smiling. … More

America Needs a Program

When the student is ready, the master will appear.   Until my early forties, I struggled with alcoholism and drug … More


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